Dell United Methodist Church

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E11196 E. Bloomingdale Road
Westby, WI  54667


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Worship Sunday Mornings at 10:45 a.m. 


Dell Tones

The Dell tones provide Country and Old Time Gospel music.  They perform most Sundays at Dell UMC. 

The Dell Tones are available to perform for you, just email for more information.



Children's Ministry

Sunday school meets Sunday mornings at 10:45 am (except for the first Sunday of the month - we encourage the children to have communion and worship with their families). 
**Due to Covid Sunday School is not taking place at this time. 

Vacation Bible School is usually held for 2-3 days during the summer. 

Dell UMC also has a children's bell choir. All are welcome to join.


Special Events

Memorial Day Dinner

Summer Pie and Ice-Cream Social

Dell Community Events

Christmas Eve Worship

Leaders of the Church


Rev. Jorge Ochoa Lonji

Senior Pastor
Nomination and Lay Leadership Chair


Linda Dowling

Lay Leader
Admin Chair
SPRC Chair
Parish Nurse
Music Ministry Leader
Finance Committee Member
Nomination Committee Member
Memorial Records Committee Member
Dell Tones Band Member
Nicodemus Fund Administrator
Prayer Chair (joint for 3 churches) Leader


Eric Evenstad

Lay Servant


Mike Snustead

Board of Trustees Chair

Music Ministry Committee Member

Audit Committee Member

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