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Lessons Page

Our Virtual Youth Group Lessons page was made to help anyone that can't attend our youth group in person on Wednesdays. You will be completing the same bible lesson as they are in -person, yet some of the activities may be different.  Once a month I would like the youth to schedule a 10 minute zoom time with Julie just to check in and see if you have any questions. 

Each week you will have a different lesson to complete. You have different activities to complete and lots of fun to be had. Click on which lesson you want to complete. Some activities are made to be done with a parent, a sibling, the whole family...


Families watch for announcements for when to pick up your monthly packets to go with the lessons. At the end of each month I will have a bag filled with the items needed to complete that month's lessons. We will include everything we possibly can, every once in awhile you may need some type of household item to complete a portion of a lesson.

Youth will need a bible to complete the lessons. If they do not have one, please message Julie. We will be doing a little bible journaling too this year, so they will be highlighting some key verses in their bible. 

Lesson - Week #1 - Words - Choose Wisely

Lesson - Week #2 - Eyes Wide Open

Lesson - Week #3 - 

Lesson - Week #4 -